Kate Bratt

It is often said that you will hear Kate Bratt long before you see her. Kate’s fun-loving personality, animated gestures, attention to detail, and copious supply of knowledge make her the ideal instructor for both new and experienced dancers.
Winning regional and state competitions in elite gymnastics led Kate to search for a new competitive outlet after she got “too old” for gymnastics, which naturally led her to ballroom dancing. While consistently making finals through her career in pro-am, am-am, and pro competitions is fun, seeing her students succeed on the social and competitive dance floor keeps her motivated.

Professional achievements include:
Rhythm and Smooth finalist for over ten years at Twin Cities Open; Rhythm and Smooth finalists at Wisconsin State, Indiana State, Harvest Moon, Cleveland Dancesport, Northcoast Dancesport, Southeastern States, Colorado Star Ball, Holiday Classic; as well as SnowBall Smooth Champions and Ohio Star Ball Rising Star Smooth finalists.

Student achievements include:
USADance national champions in 3 styles
Championship and Scholarship winners at USDC, Ohio Star Ball, Emerald Ball, Twin Cities Open, and Harvest Moon, among others.

Ballroom dancing has afforded her creative opportunities such as performing with Michael Johns (American Idol) and Gene Simmons (KISS), working on a national campaign for LensCrafters, and performing in the Minnesota Fringe Festival. In her spare time, Kate enjoys cooking, gardening, and having dance parties with her entourage of handsome husband, four lovely daughters, and two awesome sons. Kate also composes content for a blog, Riot and Frolic, and Dance Comp Review to keep sleeping hours to a minimum.

Lisa Vogel Galvin

Lisa Vogel Galvin nourished her love for dance from a young age, training across a broad range of styles including ballet, modern/contemporary, and ballroom. Top competitive ballroom accolades include: United States National Rising Star Champion; Professional Open Champion of French Open, Mexico Dance Sport, and Caribbean Open; World Open Professional American Smooth Finalist and Bronze Medalist; and United States Open Professional American Smooth Finalist and Silver Medalist. In addition to her competitive career, Lisa has toured across the US and performed on Broadway as well as having been a featured performer in consecutive years of PBS’s national television broadcast of America’s Ballroom Challenge. In 2009 she was recognized with the National Dance Council of America Community Service Award for volunteer work teaching dance to underprivileged youth in Juarez, Mexico. Lisa received her BFA in dance from Arizona State University where she was the recipient of academic and artistic awards. Most recently, she graduated with an MA in Contemporary Dance Performance from the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in Limerick, Ireland as a beneficiary of the Stepping Stone Scholarship. Since completion of her Masters Degree, Lisa has been active in the local dance community performing and choreographing for Beyond Ballroom Dance Company in 2013 and 2014, being a selected choreographer and soloist performer for RENOVATE, A Choreographer’s Evening, and original conception, production, choreography, performance in Merging Dualties… for the MN Fringe festival. Lisa is excited to be back in her Minnesota home to further pursue her dance practice and share the journey with her incredible students. Most recently she has pursued her dance practice through coaching, and loves sharing the dance journey with her incredible students as they grow and accomplish top rankings at local and national competitions.