What will ballroom dance look like for the academic year 2020-21 due to COVID-19?
We don’t yet know! We want people to stay as safe and healthy as possible, so the ways that both club and team function will look different than in years past. Stay tuned for more information, and sign up for our emails to make sure you get the latest information. 

Is there a trial period?
Yes. Your first two lessons are always free.

How much does membership cost?
There are three types of membership available. For comparison of the different types of membership and costs, please see the information page.

Do I need a partner to attend ballroom?
No. Partners rotate throughout the lessons.

Do I need previous experience?
No. The beginner lessons start with teaching the very basics, so everyone can learn together.

What should I wear?
The most important thing is that you wear clothes you can move comfortably in. If you want more feedback from the instructors, it would be better to avoid baggy clothing, as these obscure your body lines.

Do I need special shoes?
Your shoes need to be clean to avoid damaging the floor or other people’s dance shoes, but any shoes you can move in easily are suitable for ballroom. Shoes with slick bottoms are best, but for the beginner lesson, the only requirement is that your shoes not damage the dance floor, so no stiletto heels. For the advanced lesson, dance shoes are recommended. If you are interested in purchasing shoes, the club has some for sale.

What dances do you teach?
We teach mostly waltz, tango, foxtrot, cha cha, rumba, east coast swing, and hustle. There are occasionally special weeks where other dances are taught. For an overview of dances, see the Dance Overview page.